Dental Implants

Dental Implants In Dayton Texas - Smile Club - Tejal Dhanani, DDS

Dr. Tejal Dhanani is proud to serve the dental needs of adults and children alike. For adults in particular, Smile Club Kids & Adults Dentistry offers dental implant placement and restoration in Dayton, Liberty, Crosby, and the surrounding communities.

Dental Implant Placement

Creating a lasting smile starts with successful implant placement into the jaw. Dental implant posts are made of titanium, a body-safe metal that uniquely fuses into bone through the naturally-occurring process of osseointegration. This allows the implant post to take the place of the artificial tooth root, providing patients with improved overall chewing strength and function as well as protecting the health of neighboring healthy teeth.

Once your dental implant posts are fully fused to the jaw, our Dayton implant dentist adds an appropriate restoration.

Choosing the Right Restoration for Your Implant

Dental implant restorations serve as the visible teeth and chewing surfaces for your dental implants.

A balance of beauty and strength is required for a successful restoration. To fulfill this need, our Dayton dentist uses porcelain and zirconia as materials for your dental restorations. Both of these dental ceramics closely mimic the appearance, texture, and strength of a natural tooth, though they do so to different extents. By discussing your dental implants needs with Dr. Dhanani, you can determine the best material for your dental restoration needs.

The type of dental implant restoration you receive is dependent upon how many teeth you need replaced, their location, and the number of implant posts you had placed. If one tooth needs to be replaced, a single implant post in the site of the missing tooth can support a zirconia dental crown and replace that one tooth. If multiple adjacent teeth are missing, a porcelain fixed bridge can be supported by between two and six implants. If a full arch of teeth are missing, or if multiple non-adjacent teeth are missing, then several implant posts can be used to support a full or partial denture.

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