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Comprehensive Family Dental Practice

Tejal Dhanani, DDS firmly believes in helping patients develop the beautiful, healthy smiles in such a way that meets their individual needs and comfortability. Smile Club Kids & Adult Dentistry is proud to help the people of Dayton, Liberty, Crosby, and the surrounding communities get the dental health support they need through a personalized approach focused on those needs.

Accommodating for Patient Needs

Every patient has particular needs which require dedicated attention. These go beyond the simple services and applies to their comfort and concerns as well.

Dr. Dhanani wants all of our patients to receive personal, compassionate service that addresses their unique needs. Our Dayton dental practice is consequently available to answer any questions you may have or assist with your concerns about your appointment. For example, if you are wondering why a root canal treatment is being recommended instead of a cleaning and filling, please feel free to ask why. Our staff is always happy to answer these questions and help assuage you of your concerns.

Patient Relaxation

At our Dayton dental practice, we understand that not all patients are comfortable with visiting the dentist. Prior experiences and negative expectation setting can lead to the development of anxieties toward receiving dental care.

In order to help these patients receive the care they need, our office maintains a friendly approach. In addition to the accommodating and compassionate nature our staff presents, Dr. Dhanani also offers nitrous oxide treatments as needed if our bedside manner is not enough to help you relax. This substance evokes a euphoric sensation that eases a patients’ tension away, making their visit to our dental practice a much more positive experience.

Entertainment for Your Convenience

In order to help your feel comfortable at our dental practice, our Dayton dental practice offers some entertainment options during your wait and procedure. These options further allow you to avoid the stress that you may have otherwise felt visiting the dentist.

For some patients, focusing on the treatments they receive from Dr. Dhanani is a source of tension. We utilize televisions in the operatory to help patients who feel this way; the distraction of a TV show or movie helps prevent them from feeling this anxiousness while they receive a cleaning, crown, or other procedure. We also have a play area in our lobby. If you bring your child for a check-up and fluoride treatment, your children have fun while waiting and feel relaxed before their appointment. Our entertainment options help our patients feel more welcome and safe at our practice.

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Smile Club Kids & Adult Dentistry is happy to provide personal, comfortable service to the people of Dayton, Liberty, Crosby, and the surrounding communities. From more information, or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!